How do I rent?

Renting on WeCycle

Finding something to rent

1. Open the WeCycle App and tap the Explore icon

2. In the Explore section of the WeCycle App, you can scroll through nearby listings, explore items via category, or find something specific to rent by using the Search bar! To narrow down the details of the item you intend to rent, you can tap the  

  • Tap the Filters icon on the top corner of the app in order to narrow down your search. Under filters, you will be asked to provide WeCycle your location (you don't have to), once you select your location preferences, you will be given multiple options to filter your search such as:
  • Price range, Zip code, Range from your location
  • Product rating and User rating (rating of lenders)
  • Item condition, Verification level of lenders, and the Type of lenders you would like to view (Business or Individual)
  • At the bottom of the Filters page, you can reset or apply your selected settings.

3. Once you find the item you have bee looking for tap its picture, then you will be able to view details such as:

  • Pictures of the item
  • Daily and Weekly Rate
  • Description provided by the lender
  • Condition
  • The name of the lender and their online status, and if you tap their profile picture, you will be able to view their profile which includes their rating, verification levels and their listings
  • Tap the message icon next to a lender's name and you will be able to communicate with them about the listing you've selected
  • A map of the lender's relative location
  • At the top of the listing, you can like it by tapping the heart icon, share the listing, and report the listing if it seems like it is violating WeCycle's terms and conditions 

4.  At the bottom of every listing on WeCycle you can either Add to Cart or Book Now

  • Add to Cart lets you save an item to book for later

5. After tapping Book Now, you will be presented a calendar, which allows you to select the amount of days and start/end time that you would like to rent for

  • Dates that are marked red have already been booked

6. After sending the request to book, you will be presented with a price breakdown of the item you have requested to rent. The breakdown will display:

  • The range of dates that the item will be rented for (Ex. 3/06-3/11)
  • The total price of the renting period
  • The service charge

7. You will then be presented with the option to Pick Up the item or have it sent to your address via Shipping

8. Once the lender accepts the request, your payment method will be charged, and you may arrange a pick up location if you selected the option to Pick Up or if you selected Shipping, your address will be sent to the lender to ship.

9. After the rental period is over, you must contact the lender to arrange a meeting to return the rented item, or you may ship the item back to the lender.

Happy Renting!




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