Create an account

Creating an account is the most important step in accessing the services of WeCycle! Even if you choose not to create and account, you can still browse before being ready to buy/sell or rent/lend.

In the app

1. Open the WeCycle App by tapping the icon on your device

2. Tap the tab that says Sign-In 

3. You will be greeted with a welcoming page  that displays different ways to create an account

4. Here are the different ways to create your account


Tap the Facebook icon and follow the instructions. This will link your WeCycle account with your Facebook account.


Tap the Google icon and follow the instructions.This will link your WeCycle account with your Google account.

Email address

Enter your name, email address, and a password you’ll remember. Tap Sign Up. Then check your email, and select the link provided by the verification email from WeCycle.


Creating a Username

When creating a username, please follow these guidelines. 

  • Your username should not contain profanity, violence, threats, or sexually explicit messages and innuendo.
  • The username should not be intentionally deceptive, confusing, or similar to other usernames or businesses. It should not impersonate or falsely represent you as someone else.
  • Do not create a username that implies the intent to harass, advertise, phish, or spam other users.
  • Doesn’t include personal information such as your phone number or address.

We may remove any content that fails to follow these guidelines. In the case of  repeated violations or severe offenses, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts. These guidelines are in place for the purpose of keeping our users safe as well as keeping negativity away from our platform, ultimately making the WeCycle community a better place. For more information, check out our Terms of Service 





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