How do I lend an item?


Rent out your items on WeCycle with ease!

Post your item

To post an item to lend out, tap the post icon, and you will be welcome with a prompt to add photos of a product, select a category, and report the condition of the product. More steps are detailed on our instructions on how to post.

Renting out your item

Once your item is live on WeCycle, you will find questions and offers from renters under messages.

  • Once you agree to a renter's offer in messages, agree on a location for the prospective renter to pick up the lended item.
  • If the transaction doesn't work out, don't be dissapointed! There are plenty of other renters out there! 
  • While your item is being rented, you will get paid the specified amount within the specified time-frame as agreed upon between the lender and renter for the given item.

After the rental period

  • Once the rental period is over, the renter can meet the lender at a specified location to return the rented item, given that it was paid for at the agreed upon rate.
  • Make sure to rent the renter and vice versa, as it helps to build trust within WeCycle users, which also not only helps to make the community safer but it also allows for transactions made on the platform to be as smooth as possible.


Happy Lending!










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