How do I post an item for sale/rent?

Posting an item for sale/rent

1. Open the WeCycle App and tap the Post icon

2. Tap Add Photo, where you can either:

  • Choose Gallery to browse from photos in your camera roll to use for the listing
  • Choose Camera, to take pictures of the item that is to be listed
  • You must use at least 1 photo in order to post

For tips on how to make effective listings, follow some of our advice on Photo Tips

Under photos, you'll need to specify the Category and Condition of the item that is either going to be for sale or for rent

3. Select the Category of the item

  • For example, if a portable speaker is being rented out, it would be a better idea to post under Party Rentals, rather than Photography. Posting items under their respective categories not only makes it easier for the buyer/renter to find your item, but is also makes it easier for the seller/lender to get rid of the item.
  • If your item doesn't match any particular category at first glance, try to list it under the closest category that matches it best.

4. Select the Condition of the item

  • This can range from Old to Excellent

5. Enter the Name of the product you will be posting

  • Include info that may be applicable/relevant to the item such brand, name, year,  or size
  • Correct spelling is always important, as it makes it easier for buyers/renters to find your item

6. Provide a brief Description of the item 

  • Describe your item in a way that is relevant to the way it'll be used or in handling. For Example:

Camera Rental: Brand, battery specs, and storage

Car for Sale: Make, model, year, and mileage

7.  For Lenders, you will need to specify the estimated value of the item that is to be rented out, in order for insurance purposes.

8.  Set the Price of your item

For Lenders:

  • For the item that you would like to rent out it can either be set on a daily rate which specifies how much you would like to charge a renter per day to rent you item, or it can be set on a weekly rate which automatically charges the renter on a weekly basis

For Sellers:

  • You are free to set any price you want, whether it is higher or lower than the price similar items are selling for online!

9. Set the Location of your item

  • You can enter your address, city, or zip code to provide an approximate location of your item

10. Select if the delivery method of the item, which will either be for Pick Up or Shipping

11. To get sneak peek at your listing before it goes live, tap Preview

12. Once you are ready to post, tap Post and your listing will go live! Check the WeCycle app for messages from buyers and renters




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